Saturday, March 03, 2007

Picasso Art Stolen and Other Art News

Most of you have probably heard about the two paintings stolen from Picasso's granddaughter. Valued at over 66 million dollars these Picasso paintings are unlikely to re-sell for much at all. Fine art thefts are not exactly something that are easy to fence.

In other art related news:
Well known street artists in New York are having their works defaced with globs of green & purple paint. According to the New York Times word among the street artists spread quickly on-line and the unknown attacker has been dubbed the "Splasher". There is of course a reluctance to report the splatterings to the police, because city laws say that the art that was defaced is just as unlawful as the paint splashed onto it. Street artists usually put up their work without permission, and some people consider the work itself to be vandalism.
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Ok and speaking of paint splashers you have to read this story on a new scientific method of authenticating Jackson Pollack's work.

Fractal or Fake? ( link)

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