Friday, January 04, 2008

Cool Dog Sculptures

"Hooch" ©

Check out the colorful creations of Marci Forbes at
Marci wrote a nice note to me a week ago and I really enjoyed browsing through her doggy sculpture gallery. She works with household discards and her mixed media work is as playful as her subject matter.

Felted Dog Sculptures by Amelia

Check out the detailed felt scupltures by successful artist Amelia over at Etsy. This gal has sold over 487 items in her Etsy shop. She is a great example of how you can be successful without a huge domain complete with flash and bells & whistles. This very talented lady seems to be thriving with no more than a personal blog and a strong Etsy Presence

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Kathy Weller said...

WOW - Amelia's sculptures are incredible!!!! I LOVE them!!! I might have to get me a mini Ruby and mini Daisy some time in the future!! Thanks so much for sharing. How unique!!!