Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Squid, Squid and yes more Squid

People have been giving me squid things lately. It all started last year when I started doing mosaics of octopus & squid. Last week my teacher, Katrina Doran gave me the perky paint by number squid you see above. By the way check out Katrina's website ... she is super talented and has been very supportive of my work and my new adventure into mosaics.

At Christmas time Allison brought the dogs some squid-toys ... you can see how popular they have been below. Poor blue squid is loosing his guts, he seems happy though ... still smiling.

Anyway ...very excited that class is happening tonight. I always think oh gosh ...I do not want to get out and go to my mosaics class, but I always have the best time. Below is the last mosaic I finished in December as a present for Dan. The squid is to the left and he has thrown the ball for Big Tommy ( ball is green shape in top right corner).

Below is my current project. I really wanted to use some yummy and garish combo of pinks, reds and oranges. I have quite a way to go on this guy. His body is close to being done. All of my mosaic projects start life on the computer since that is where I am most comfortable designing these days. Working in a media that takes forever has really calmed me down, it is like my Yoga I guess.


cowbelly said...

Oh man these are fantastic. I would say make them en masse and sell them if they didn't take the bazillion hours I am guessing they take.

So, so so cool....

Rebecca said...

Lol, yep that is one thing I adore about this work ...I can't make them "en masse", each one is one of a kind. I have thought about making some breed specific doggy oriented pieces and selling them for a really high cost to any takers. These 12 x 12 pieces would have to sell for around 600 or 700 for me to even thing about getting my time & materials back. As I get better and more confident I do plan to sell a few mosaics for even higher prices ...the cool thing about pricing these is I really hope they don't sell, so I will not be shy about posting a high price. I plan to try to post a few on Etsy later this month.