Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sweet Abby

"Abby on Blue"
Last season I was very fortunate to get to work on a really special girl that belongs to one of my portrait artist pals. Linda O'Neill of Abby Creek Studios lost her sweet Abby last March and she asked me to create a special portrait that she ordered as a gift for her husband James. I love working for other artists on their pets and Abby was a terrific subject with that happy smile.

This was not the first time we connected on a portrait project though. Back in March of 05 I lost my boy Atticus and I contacted Linda that year to create a portrait for my husband. You can see the lovely portrait she created for us by visiting her site and clicking here.
She really captured our boy's sweetness. That year I found that when you are so raw with loss it can be really therapeutic to let another artist work for you.

Thanks to Linda for trusting me to do a good job, it means a lot to me.


Abby Creek Art said...

And an amazing job you did, Becca! We couldn't be happier with the is SO beautiful. Abby would be proud.:)

cowbelly said...

Oh my gosh Abby's portrait is beautiful!

When I saw her picture I thought she looked familiar but I guess I never realized how perky her ears were, or how light her fur color.

I can see why Linda loved her so much, and your portrait of her!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Rebecca, this piece is amazing. i was lucky enough to see it in person when i vivsted linda the other day. it took my breath away.
simply beautiful.