Friday, February 22, 2008

I saw Dylan Last Night

Last night Dan took me to see Bob Dylan at a small venue here in Dallas. He was so great! I have been a Dylan fan since college. The crowd was a hoot. Half of the audience had silver hair and the other half were 20-something and you know the kids were really digging him. Thor Christensen has a great music review on-line. He states that "At his best, the 66-year-old legend was full of spit and venom – a grizzled blues master with a voice that bordered on the demonic." Click here for more from Thor.

Dylan worked hard on stage and gave a great performance. He is not a chatty guy and he played for 2 straight hours. He never stopped to talk, he never said hi, Bob did not even introduce the band .... there was absolutely no filler, just music.

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