Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YoYo Portrait

(original blurry YoYo above)
(painted & enhanced YoYo below)

This pet portrait project was for one adorable puppy dog named YoYo. The original photo was a nice close up shot however there was quite a bit of blur. A sharper focus would have given us more detail to work with. In this case even though the style ordered was Warhol, I went in with my painterly technique and painted in the needed detail. My first step was to burn in some deeper blacks on the pupils and then paint a nice crisp white highlight on the eye. I have found that if you can get the eyes to look sharp and in focus then the rest will follow. Once I got the image to a very happy place I handed this project over to Allison and she created the artwork below.

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Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Rebecca!
I am so impressed with the amazing results you able to create with hard to use originals. You are so talented!
:) melissa