Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ordering a Pet Portrait from Art Paw

" Charlie going for a ride"
This is Charlie's first proof. I was going to e-mail it to my client today and now I realize she never gave me her e-mail address. She sent the photo via the snapfish website and she sent in a gift certificate by mail along with a great little hand written note, but no e-mail address. No worries, I do have her phone number.

Here at Art Paw we offer at least half a dozen options when placing an order. Clients can order by mailing in their photos along with a check payment or payment via gift certificate. They can order entirely on-line ( yes, we love that option), or they can pick up the phone and call us toll free and we can chat about their project and take their payment info by phone. They can send us an e-mail with their photo attached and we can get the ball rolling that way.

This post is to offer up a few tips when working with us.

In order to Start a Pet Portrait Project we need 3 things:
#1 Photos
#2 Payment
#3 Your contact info, including e-mail and phone number.

When mailing in photos or payment by US post:
We have a great section where you can download a printable order form that you can fill out so we have all your important details. Too much trouble, no printer ink? Then just be sure to give us as much info as you can on a piece of paper, such as: e-mail, phone number, shipping address and the name of your pet.
Art Paw Mailing address:
P.O. Box 181085
Dallas, TX. 75218-1085

When ordering via e-mail:
Please use the same e-mail all the time if possible throughout the ordering process. It can drive me bonkers when a client makes payment via one e-mail, then sends photos through another e-mail. It makes it difficult to cross reference. Also I love clients that use a signature in their e-mails that includes a phone number.

When ordering on-line:
This is the 100% most efficient way to order for clients that do not mind filling out a web-form. When a client places an order entirely on-line there is very little I need to tell you here, as the process is simple and straight forward. If you fill out our order form on-line you are given the option to pay on-line, by gift cert, or pay later by check or phone. When not paying by credit card on-line it is the client's responsibility to follow up and get their payment info to us somehow before we begin their project.
Our toll free number is at the top of every page on our site:888-225-4278
All orders are started on the week payment is made.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

I absolutely love Charlie!
I think that portrait painting is one of my all time favorites!
:) Melissa

Rebecca said...

Thanks Melissa! The original photo was perfect so we could not go wrong. Dianne helped me get this one started.

Manon Doyle said...

Charlie looks amazing. I love the colors!