Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Chance to Save On a Pet Portrait

Yesterday I posted some Christmas in July promos and today I want to share a link to an auction where you can swoop on an 11 x 14 custom pet portrait by Art Paw. There is only one bid so far. The auction is to help one of my photographer pals earn some extra traveling coin for a mission trip she is going on to Peru to photograph a journey with Doctors that are helping out the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. She is also auctioning off a Wacom tablet just like the ones we use to create our artwork. There are a couple of pieces of photography gear, a massage, candles, Yoga instruction, oh and groovy dog bowls from Pawcasso. If you are local you need to bid on her pet photo session! Kris does terrific animal photography.

Go check out the auction goodies:

To bid you just leave a comment ( on her site, not this one, follow link above) . I have never seen a blog formatted auction before ...very well done.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh how wonderful! you are a generous artist and friend!

ocmist said...

Well, I see Melissa and Emmitt visit here! We sniffed our way over from Facebook Networked Blogs since Mom is an artist and loves art blogs, too. "We" are the Corgis from Country Corgis:

I love your work! I read through several of your posts and looked at some of the portraits you've done. I plan on following you on blogger and on facebook Networked Blogs. Linda (OC's Mom)

Kris Hundt said...

Thank you. You are a wonderful friend.

Rebecca said...

Hi Melissa, OC and Kris! Kris, you are very welcome, and very deserving.