Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Jack Russell Portrait

"Tyson" (See All Proofs)
34x54 inches
The orange ground above was the client pick.
A very good choice I think.

This happy little fellow is Tyson. He is a very large 34 x 54 inch portrait. We will be printing & stretching this guy later tonight. It will take us most of tomorrow afternoon to package him up. I love doing these larger prints. They are really impressive big. They can be a challenge to package up as we have to build a special sized box and we really bubble the heck out of them to protect them in transit. They are worth the extra care and work, I can't wait to see him stretched.


Tattoo Ed said...

Wow. Great portrait. Looks like my dog actually!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by Ed!

Manon Doyle said...

Tyson is extremely sweet! Great job Rebecca!

gia said...

one of your best!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Manon $ Gia