Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Not Just Another Pretty Voice

I have always preferred gritty, raw throated singers, but for you Ms. Robinson I will make an exception.

For years I have enjoyed the smooth and polished vocals of Sharon Robinson as the back up singer for Leonard Cohen. When I saw her live this year, every smooth and polished word she sang served to add depth and richness to Leonard's sandpaper chops.

Robinson is a talented writer and has collaborated on several of Cohen's songs. With her recent solo release of "Everybody Knows" she delivers a cool and quenching performance. Strong and sensual, Ms. Robinson's voice is the perfect answer to a hot summer evening. There are too many great tracks on this CD to list, but if you are someone that downloads individual tracks you must grab "Alexandra Leaving". Long time Cohen fans will swear they are hearing this song for the very first time. New listeners will discover a poet of great talent, and yea she happens to have a very pretty voice.

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