Friday, November 06, 2009

Cooper The Weimaraner

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am working on Cooper and a few really cute kiddos. I will be working this weekend so I will try to come up with some fun new stuff to post on.

About Cooper's Art:
First let me just say I LOVE THIS CHAIR! Great original photo.
Today I optimized the photograph and loosened up that folded ear on our left. To create the new ear I just lassoed around the ear on the right, hit command J to put it on a new layer and then flipped horizontal, and moved it into place. Then I took my warp tool and tugged and pulled on that new duplicate ear to make it slightly different than the original. Nobody is symmetrical and the ear to the left is further away from us so it would be a tad smaller due to perspective. I am loving this piece so far. I need to come up with some new background options to show my client and maybe create a bolder Cooper with more colors on the coat.

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Diane said...

Your art is beautiful. I love Cooper in the chair. For some reasons I love pictures of dogs in chairs, especially if they don't fit very much. You've captured his color beautifully. I came over from stinkpotstudio's blog.