Friday, November 13, 2009

Yet Another Boxer Dog

"Winston" ( see all proofs)
© 2009 rebecca collins

Winston is one of about a dozen projects shipping out this week. The background option shown here is the one they went with and it was fun to see it printed up. The colors looked great. I really like the combination of the raspberry and muted aqua.

I am finally getting over my cold and I am starting to feel confident that we can handle the holiday work load. Yesterday we brought back another part time canvas stretcher and her help is going to make a huge difference as we head into the Christmas rush.

Oh and by the way ...potential clients should know that we do work on other pups besides Boxers. I don't know why we have had so many Boxers come through the doors and on to our digital easel. We do love the breed so we can't complain.


Dog Life Jackets said...

nice work i like the image wonderful

Rebecca Collins said...


Top Dog Jacket said...

That's a lovely portrait - see you have scotties I have a beautiful westie and would definitely love to have his portrait done. I paid an arm and a leg for a professional photo session when he was a pup, but was disappointed as the photos are not as good as I have done since, mainly because my westie, Dougie was too excited when the man came and couldn't relax!! Nice blog.