Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finishing up Holiday Pet Portraits

Are my wrinkles showing this week?

Ok it is really starting to feel like Christmas around here. Tomorrow we will try to stretch and ship all projects that have been approved so far. That means all of my wonderful clients that ordered by posted deadlines, and then approved quickly and easily will be getting a print under the tree in time for the holidays! YAY.

Today I am working on design updates for clients that have requested changes. Late tonight I will start on all of the straggler projects that have been squeaking in after posted deadlines. Please be aware that any new commissions placed as of today will not be touched until after the holidays. At some point I have to say "no you can not get this by Christmas", and I have to really mean it. This last week before the holidays is always so stressful because in addition to getting things out the door I have to say no to a lot of people that want to order late and get a custom piece of artwork within one week. I wish I could clone myself and get more work done. I hate letting potential clients down, but there are only 3 of us here at Art Paw and I am the only one creating the painterly portraits.

We will conquer this week, we will deliver all approved projects on time!

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Sinclair said...

Lovely work! I can relate to having to tell clients, "no, it will not be ready by the holiday"...I always give out cards they can give as the gift which states what they are getting. That seems to work. Thank you for sharing.