Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow, survived a live Radio Interview!

Tonight I am sending out thanks to Dr. Shawn for interviewing me on his radio program. Yay, I think I did ok. I am a pretty shy person, but when it comes to promotional opportunities I do manage to find my voice. I always get nervous, but each time it gets a little bit easier. Of course it helps that Dr. Shawn has a talent for putting his guests at ease.

This last month I enjoyed working on Dr. Shawn's kitties. You may recall that earlier this spring we worked on his King Charles Spaniel. This new artwork was designed to work well with that portrait.

If you get a chance check out Dr. Shawn's website Petcarenaturally.com. He has great articles and advice on-line. Or if you are looking for that perfect book for the animal lover on your list check out his Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

congratulations rebecca!
how exciting!
I wish i could have heard the interview!

cbmosaics said...

Congrats Rebecca! I'm just like you - so hard to speak "in public" but I force myself to do it if it is going to promote my artwork. And you're right, it does get a teensy bit easier each time! Hope the interview brings you more commissions :-)

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks ladies! Yep, Christine, I agree, and I see it as my job you know. If I was working for someone else and had to speak in front of people I would just do it so as not to let my employer down. Well, I am my employer and I can't let myself down. So I eagerly accept PR opportunities when they arise. I should take some public speaking classes though.

cbmosaics said...

LOL, I tried to take a public speaking class and it terrified me so much I dropped out the second week! But then I gathered my courage and tried a second time and this time passed, with an "A!" But that was 20 years ago and when you don't practice and keep it up, it's easy to fall back again... But even though it's hard, I never say no to an opportunity. :-)