Friday, May 28, 2010

New Wacom Tablet Arrived!

"Newt Sketch"
© rebecca collins /

I got a new Wacom tablet today and it rocks! I should be working on client updates, but I am trying to get the feel for this new tablet. It came with a gazillion different pen nibs. I figured the only way to get a real feel for it is to try them all with a little line work. So I took Newt's artwork and started sketching on top of it, then turned down the opacity on the bottom layers and added paint to the top layers. The result is a very sketchy loose drawing of Newt.

 Wacom Intuos 4/  A Review:
I bought the smallest tablet because I like having it take up less desk space. I saved $70 by ordering on-line at Macmall. 
Have you been thinking about ordering a tablet or upgrading an existing tablet? Well at $157 there has never been a better time to buy. The changes on this new tablet are great. The round button to the left is a zoom control and it is great. My old tablet still works pretty good although the cord that is attached to the tablet is starting to become a bit thread bare at the corner where it is attached. They have solved that design flaw by making the new cord a removable usb cable.  The new tablet is thinner and lighter making it a great travel companion. The case that holds extra pen nibs doubles as a pen holder. I had no trouble getting the feel for this new tablet, it is a tad smaller than my last tablet and I like that.


Anonymous said...

I love this one! Can you do that in the full body version with the modifications we discussed?

Rebecca Collins said...

LOl ... hey anonymous must be Liz! Yes of course, I can play around with the full body and get loose and line oriented for sure with the full body pose. I love line, and I love drawing. Isn't this fun? It really gets it away from the original photograph and it becomes a drawing.

LOL ... Newt wants to be another game changer for Art Paw like Dozer was.

AutumnLeaves said...

Somehow you've managed to make Newt even cuter and cuddlier than he already was! I love it! said...

Hey Rebecca!

Thanks for the Frida journal. I received it yesterday and blogged about it. :)

I have some questions about the tablet - I'll email you later.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh how wonderful!
i am so glad you upgraded!
it is so important to keep up with the new technology and you deserve it!
:) melissa

Rebecca Collins said...

Hey Eve, thanks for dropping by. would be happy to answer questions.
Melissa, you are so right. Nothing makes me happier than upgrading my tools... it is a necessary part of business.

Jill Beninato said...

I am green with envy....I may have to take the plunge...