Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They Say Everything is Bigger In Texas!

Today Lola and I worked together to box up a very large print of Hershey and Snoop to send off to Austin. This repeat client did a Warhol style portrait with us years ago and was ready to change up the colors in her house with a new portrait in classic traditional warm tones. She went with the large 54 x 34 inch size.

I found these great extra large boxes at uline. They are for flat panel TVs. Usually we have to build a box for the larger prints out of two smaller boxes. This new box was rather pricey at $14.99 however it saved us a lot of time, and I think it is super strong. I am more than happy to pay an extra $10 on a box if I know it is going to be extra strong and save me 20 minutes of handling time. Yay!

Travel safe sleepy labs!


AutumnLeaves said...

And is this the lovely Lola? Looks like you have a fun office and these two puppies look heavenly!

Shari said...

Hi Rebecca,
I follow your blog regularly, and I am thankful that you shared the tip about the large box from Uline. I had quite a headache with shipping some paintings over the holidays due to size. I'm curious as to what method of shipping you use? UPS was a headache with size limits. Thanks for your help!

Rebecca Collins said...

I like fedex on the larger sized prints. Yes USPS has oversize fees and so does fedex at this huge size. It cost around $86 to ship this print ($50 of that was the over-size fee).