Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lena & Ohnie Portrait In Home

"Ohnie and Lena"
© rebecca collins/

Last week I received a note and photo from an old client. Thanks Ann for touching base with this terrific in home photo of your sweet Pugs. I still love the color palette on this pop art portrait project, and I love that great stone fireplace. I was very sad back in 08 to learn that Ohnie and Lena crossed over the rainbow bridge. I remember working with Ann, and her update request actually started a phrase I use all the time now and that is "Popsicle body". When we first cleaned up the background on her original  images and carved out the torsos we erased too much shoulder ( pugs are round chunky-shouldered beings) and when Ann was describing the problem she referred to the fact that their body's looked like Popsicles!  I worked some shoulder back in to their bodies and have always been careful to avoid the Popsicle look, and I always train my assistants to avoid cleaning too much shoulder away now. I learn so much from every pet portrait project, and some pups really leave a lasting impression around here. I loved the colors on this one and the very different expressions on each pup's face, you can tell they were individuals. Pugs do not all look alike to me, each one is so unique.

 Thanks Ann for the sweet note!

Later this week I will have another guest blogger. Christine Humphries Throckmorton from I heart Dogs Studio will be talking about her recent 30 dogs in 30 days project. 
I think you will find her post an inspiring must read for dog artists and dog lovers.

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AutumnLeaves said...

It makes me so sad to know Ann has lost her two pug babies. I take these things so hard. The art is beautiful though, Rebecca. I love how some of the smush faced breeds have that lolling tongue!