Monday, July 26, 2010

Mosaic Monday / A Robot Frenzy

Back in the mid 90's I ran a handmade card business. I was single back then and I would often stay awake all night long cutting paper, and designing an entire line of greeting cards to take to market. A line of cards would be along a theme, and the papers would match within one line while the imagery and collage work would change from card to card.  I have not designed this way in ages. Last week I started cutting glass and sketching out robot bodies in much the same way I once tore paper, and made cards. I found myself obsessed and could not stop. The only trouble is now I have well over a dozen robots to create and sadly they will not go together as fast as a greeting card.

A few robots sketched out.

I love this fellow's crystal sword. His main body was created from a piece of mirror, the greek key design cut-out in the center was done in class on the taurus ring saw. The edges got roughed up in the process so I took a stone to the glass and roughed it up more, distressing the silvering on the back of the mirror.

Again, the mirror torso was cut on the taurus ring saw.
I think this fellow may end up flying a kite.  I brainstormed with the hubby on fun and silly things I can have the robots doing. I would like to have more activity happening with these robot stories.
This is Arvin the Avian Robot. His body was created from imagery of vintage transistor radios. Arvin is the name on the main radio image that makes up his torso. The glass on both the head and body is textured.  I am not sure if I am going to glass in the background, I like it at this stage. I am afraid if I glass over the colorful ground then Arvin will not pop out as much.  If I do glass it in I will use large pieces and cut lines into the glass with holes at the end of the lines to mimic the circuit pattern.


AutumnLeaves said...

You are so ingenious, Rebecca! Love the crystal sword as well. The background of the circuit board is just amazing looking! I don't know how you thought of it, but wow!

Abby Creek Art said...

Love the robots, B! There is one in the first photo (large one...lower right) that I am especially fond of. I would like to name him Herman.:)

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Sherry. Linda, he is now Herman the wizard. I like him too, he is clunky in a good way.

Mosaic Geek said...

Yay!! These are so adorable! Very creative assemblage of elements. I can't wait to see these robots finished - very cool!

giini said...

koi mere dil se poochhe

Anonymous said...
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