Saturday, August 07, 2010

Artist Resource/ Storing your art

Looking around on-line today for some sort of artist resource to share. Just when I thought I had nothing to talk about I found this terrific site that sells cradled boards for painting, or in my case mosaics.  Even more exciting than that was the storage unit shown above. Anyone that has ever visited our house knows that we have artwork coming out of our ears.We hang prints, paintings and mosaics on every available square inch of wall space. For every piece of art that is proudly displayed we have 5 more pieces shoved into closets or stored in metal flat files because we just do not have the space to hang everything.  I would love to own this storage unit, but of course at present we have no space for it to live. Maybe some day we will finally tackle that home renovation and double our square footage.


AutumnLeaves said...

How does that look having art on every square inch, if you don't mind my asking? I have a lot of art here myself and right now, very little is hung. That said, I want to hang it all (once I can get it framed)! I fear cacophany, and yet I still think it can be done and look marvelous.

Rebecca Collins said...

Well we do have some space between each piece, but for the most part every wall has at least one piece of art if not more. I think it looks good, but I know it is probably overwhelming for people that are use to more minimal environments. I am always uneasy in rooms with totally blank walls and yet others would not be able to think with all the things to look at in my place. In a perfect world I would just have a few really large pieces showing, but I can't take anything down.