Saturday, August 14, 2010

Me and My Big Tommy

Shot back in 07 in Austin Texas. Want to hurry up and place the stray dog I found last week so we can take a weekend break and get Big Tommy to some clean and cool watering hole for a swim. It has been a long hot summer and we need to get out of Dallas.

We papered the neighborhood yesterday and this morning with found dog signs for Shadow. Why is it I always see 3 "found" dog signs for every one lost dog sign. If I lost my babies I would paper the entire city. Cross your fingers that Shadows people are looking for him. He is old and large, he will be hard to place in a new home if his people do not show up.

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AutumnLeaves said...

Oh what a fabulous photo, Rebecca! You are so photogenic. Love that Tommy is in the water (one of my fur babies...Gio, the Spinone...loves to swim)! Then always has to have a bath when we get home. He will wreak otherwise! I so hope you find the owner of your stray too.