Friday, January 28, 2011

Flickr Friday / Dogs and Fences

From Flickr Member Amber McNamara 

From Flickr Member Backpackphotography

From Flickr Member Glenn Keelty
From Flickr Member Jo Peattie
From Flickr Member Ariel DovasIf
If you like these fun photos then check out more within this theme over at a new blog I have started with my friend Kris Hundt, it is called :  Each Friday we are doing a fun Flickr Friday post on that blog and during the rest of the week we offer up quick tips for taking great shots of your pets. I come at it from the approach of an experienced amateur that knows dogs and knows how to get some great shots on occasion, I share what works for me. Kris is a professional photographer and offers up great advice that can only be learned from spending years behind the lens. Together I think we have the potential to build a great blog that will be a terrific resource for anyone wanting to get better at taking photos of their animals. We are not getting a lot of eyeballs over there just yet so please drop by and leave a comment if you can:


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh oh oh! Look at these photos! They are awesome and I just want to pet that German Wirehaired Pointer!!

Dog Walker Los Angeles said...

I really love these photo,the two little puppies are so cute..

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