Monday, January 17, 2011

Mosaic Monday/ Shopping High To Low

"Tricky Dog" by Betsy Youngquist

"Harry" by Betsy Youngquist

"Otto" by Betsy Youngquist
Window Shopping
Even the most non-material person on the planet has had the experience at some point in life of drooling over a car, gadget, piece of clothing, or art that is way beyond their budget. I remember that when I was a young college student "window shopping" was pretty much the only type of shopping I ever took part in. This morning I went over to Etsy to see what was new in mosaics. I typed in my search term "mosaic" and then selected the "high to low" option so that it would deliver the results with the most expensive price tag first ... WOW, I was not disappointed in what I found.

Check out these funky and original works by Betsy Youngquist. Betsy's work has been included in several Museum shows in both the US and Sweden. Her profile states: "Stemming from a life-long love of all creatures great and small, Betsy’s work weaves together the human and animal spirit through a surrealistic lens."  Her elaboratly beaded creations range in price from a very approachable $75 on up to $11,400 for my favorite piece "Otto".  Betsy's work can be found over at Etsy and also on her own very attractive site "".


AutumnLeaves said...

Well, no wonder Otto was also my favorite! I always seem to have a knack for liking the most expensive without ever having to look at a price tag. Its a gift. LOL Harry is a bit scary though...

cbmosaics said...

I did this exact thing awhile back (high to low) and came across a beaded mosaic in the tens of thousands, too. I don't see the object on her Etsy site, but it could have been her! I LOVE her stuff, and esp the octo, too. Did you see the photo of the underside?! Such a unique combination of materials. Thanks for sharing!