Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Hobbes" ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins /

This sweet lab's artwork will ship out tomorrow. I am loving this background and it is getting chosen a lot lately. I think maybe the cool blues and greens are more pleasing this time of year than my typical hot oranges and reds.  It prints up lovely so I am very happy when people choose it.

I have been working on a new commission terms sheet that gets e-mailed along with all new pet portrait orders. The first page is a brief explanation of the proofing process and then the 2nd page has a lot of small print legal stuff. I find that it can easily be adapted for commercial projects as well. Speaking of commercial projects, I am very excited that I may be designing artwork for a veterinary clinic's van this month. It is going to be huge and cool, makes me want to get a van of my own so I can get it wrapped in my own artwork. Of course I hardly ever leave my studio so I am not sure how effective it would be as advertising in my case.

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