Thursday, August 11, 2011

Broken Power Lines, Octopus Print, Weather

Been a challenging week! Monday night a huge tree limb fell and snapped our power line out back sending a lot of electricity surging through the entire house, popping out light bulbs and frying some appliances. Our hard drives were spared and all of the printers and computers are in good shape. It did however fry the phones and it fried my modem, so no internet for 2 days. Dan got me up and running with the web last night. YAY!  We are lucky that our surge protectors did their job. Also fortunate that the dogs were not under that limb and that we were able to get them inside before they discovered the hot live cables on the ground that would have been a certain death sentence.

It is summer in Texas and there was no breeze to bring down that limb, so I am guessing the trees may be suffering from heat related stress, I know the rest of us are. So ready for fall!

Lola is at work today packaging up Amazon orders including an Octopus print that is shipping to Austin Texas. My Amazon shop has a lot of reproduction doggy and kitty prints along with a bug and a few cephalopods. The octopus and bugs never sell as quickly is the 4 footed critters so I get very excited
when I see an order for one.  Thanks Jessica for shopping with us at Amazon.

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Walker said...

Rebecca - You do absolutely amazing work. I just recommended you to a friend. Hope it comes through.

Rebecca Collins said...