Friday, August 05, 2011

New Commercial Pet Portraits

These two lovely critters are going to be turned into signage or rather a "van wrap" for a mobile Veterinary Van Unit in South Carolina. This has been a really exciting project to work on. The client provided  high resolution stock photography which always makes my job more fun. There was no glow eye to worry with or blurry pixelation to smooth out on the images which means I could spend all of my time on the creative part of colorizing and painting. I hope to get a photo of the project once it is finalized and larger than life. 

Every year I get a handful of requests from small business owners wanting to have me create something for their business and seldom do clients understand the concept of purchasing an extended use license. I do charge a modest license fee for this type of work that is in addition to the design fee. My client on the van project totally understood about copyrights and license fees before she even came to me and she has been really terrific and professional to work with. I would love to be in her city so I can see my artwork rolling down the road some day.

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aaaandreaaaa said...

Very Cool. Congrats. A