Monday, August 22, 2011

Mosaic Monday/ "Chasing Illusion"

"Chasing Illusion"
© 2011 Apryl Begay

If you are a regular reader you know that in addition to creating pet portraits I also work in mixed media mosaics. I am currently working hard to finish up several pieces for an upcoming gallery show with artists Apryl Begay and Katrina Doran. The piece above is by Apryl and it is on my hard drive because I am currently shooting our works in order to create a book that will showcase a few of our mosaics from the show and also speak to the general process of perparing for the show. 

Creating when life gets in the way:
In trying to figure out what to post and write about today I was really drawn to this work by Apryl because for me it sort of sums up the past month that I think all of us gals have had as we work away at our show projectsEach of us have found ourselves despartely trying to create as life inserts itself with spiky barbs and all.

Chasing Illusion:
I love the image of this armless person looking back and moving forward. Today Apryl's mosaic makes me think about how when I am not creating I feel armless and yet I do constantly move forward. It is a wonderful piece because the symbols are so universal, the viewer can bring their own stories with them as they view this work. Of course it is always nice to know what the artist was thinking ...
from Apryl Begay (July 9th 2011
"In my life there have been several times when I have bought into the fantasy of something only to realize later that the reality was simply cloaked in illusion.  These realizations can be very painful, but I learn from them every time."  read more

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