Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Average Day at Art Paw

Yes the holidays have officially passed and I am settling into more average days here at Art Paw.  The crazy urgency of trying to create 30 to 40 portraits a month has ended and we are back to a very normal and very healthy work flow. I just have a couple of revisions to do and 2 new pet portraits to start on this week. So what is an average day in the life of a Pet Portrait Artist?

I start my day around 8:00 when Pickle lets me know it is time to get up. After my morning Diet Coke, I leash up all 3 dogs and we go on a dog walk. On my dog walks I often pick up found objects to use later in my glass mosaic work. Now I am on a new quest and I am also picking up stuff that I can use to create texture in ceramics.
mirror & rubber washers  for mosaics, plastic shim for ceramic texture making
After the walk I take an hour to get stuff printed for Lola to stretch & ship. 
Mona Lisa & Westie prints for Amazon orders
and Yorkie Portrait that will ship today
Lola arrives at noon and we try to make Whitman sit like a gentleman before she comes in.... it half works, half of the time. He needs training.

Lola will spend 2 hours on production & shipping and then 2 hours organizing all of my digital files from Nov. & Dec. First she has to do a quick supply run because we just ran out of 14 inch bars

I will be answering e-mails today and organizing the rest of the month's work load. It is very much a boring office day for me today. There is always so much to get caught up when it comes to managing the office part if my work life. Even with boring paperwork facing me I do have the best job on the entire planet! Life is very good.

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Christine Brallier said...

Fun to see a day in the life of Rebecca. :) Even a non art day. I love the marketing/office task days, for some reason. I guess because I don't feel guilty for being on the computer, haha. Have a great day!