Monday, January 16, 2012

Mosaic Monday/ New ATC

© rebecca collins
Above is another ATC I have created for a local card swap in Feb. I have not been doing very much mosaic work so far this year, just a couple of little cards and yesterday I had a few pals over and we each worked on some unfinished projects from last year. I got back on Chip the 3-d robot fellow. I had been missing him.  I am giving myself a pass for about 6 weeks on mosaics in terms of having to work hard at it each week, and that is because I am taking 2 art classes in other areas.

I am taking ceramics with Linda Gosset, and mixed media painting with Katherine Baronet.
I decided to revisit ceramics because I was never all that good at it and I really want to get my brain to work in a new way. All artists have favorite mediums and yet I think it is important to revisit techniques and materials that you may not have as great an affinity to. Clay is that material for me.  The mixed media painting should be a lot of fun, the teacher really seems to want to discuss much more than just technique and is really concerned with having us develop a vocabulary for our art by discovering the personal symbols that we connect with. Both ladies are seasoned artists and I am so eager to learn from them. I feel like a college kid again with new classes, new classmates and of course new challenges.


Kathy Weller said...

Hi Beccs, that is a lovely ATC. It looks like your mosaic work. Big surprise! :D

Rebecca Collins said...