Monday, July 09, 2012

Christmas In July Portrait Sale

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on your custom pet portrait this month!

I am having a sale this month! It is time for us to start thinking about the holidays, and to start gearing up. We have been ordering extra supplies and I am working behind the scenes on the website to try and offer more tips and help for my clients on how to send images at the proper file size. The hardest part of my job is dealing with low resolution poor quality photographs. Some people have no probelm taking the extra steps to send in quality snapshots at the right file size and yet 90% of my clients have a really hard time understanding the difference between print quality images and web quality images. 

If you can send me a 1MB photo you can save 50% on any size or style portrait that we offer. That means you can get a custom portrait for as little as $67.50 if you order our smallest size on rolled canvas. Prices are outlined here:

I will be posting tips on the blog all month on taking good photos and how to send them in at the proper file size.

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