Monday, July 02, 2012

Mosaic Monday / Chip The Robot

This weekend I got back to work on Chip the 3-d robot after a long absence. I started creating some arms and he is taking shape now. I also created a torso for his little doggy pal " Rover". I am determined to finish him this summer. To the left you will see a pencil that will get more arm add-ons. I had intended to use a wooden dowel, but the one I had was too thick for what I needed. The hollow green area in his tummy will have a vacuum tube.

" Chip" Work in progress

"Rover" ( Robot Dog body)
The robot doggy will get aqua blue glass.
Earlier Sketch ... he is evolving a bit

1 comment:

Christine Brallier said...

LOVE this!! Did you ever finish the 2D robot walking his dog? I never saw it finished... This one is so fun, can't wait to see it done!