Thursday, July 05, 2012

Portrait Price Changes This Month

Every year I say I am going to raise my portrait prices and every year I put it off because of the time involved in updating print order forms, and several html web pages. Well today was the day ... I gave myself a raise. More a cost of living increase than anything else. Supply prices keep going up and my prices have not kept pace.  If you want to get in on 2011 prices on Gift Certificates, you have until next Tuesday to order on that page at older posted prices, just place your order then e-mail me a photo when you have time. To order Gift Certs Now and Save Go to this page:

Changes On the Painterly Style:
• I have posted some new size options and raised a few prices.
Some sizes have not changed in price while others have gone up by as much as $40, and as little as $5.
• I have not yet changed the print cost of the Master Paw Prints or the Warhols, because the time on those is so much faster than my unique painterly style. I may at some point revisit those prices, but for now they are staying put.
• The extra pet fee on the painterly style has gone up from $45 to $75. I did this because it is really difficult at times to add in extra subjects with the photos that are sent in. It often more than doubles the time I spend laying out the composition. I enjoy doing multiple pet works, but they are very time consuming, and I feel I should get paid for my time.
• I did raise the extra pet fee on Warhols from $30 to $45 as well.

Click Here to see all the new sizes and prices.

I did a lot of research among my peers before raising prices, and I feel I am still very competitive, and yet I am not the cheapest game in town either. It has never been my goal to be the cheapest player in the arena of pet portraiture, I still strive to be the best and offer the best services.

Repeat clients can still save money by using promo code : "repeat" when ordering on-line.

Oh ... and I will be having some fun sales in July to encourage early ordering for Christmas. The sales will be geared towards discounts for clients that can send in high resolution quality photographs. Quality photographs make my job a lot more fun and I am happy to give discounts to folks with great pics. I will be updating the help pages on the site to make it easier for people to send images at the proper file size.

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