Saturday, March 08, 2008

Artist Choice Special / March

"Toys, Props and Clothes"

"Eddy" ( prop is the cone)

This month's Artist Choice Promo is called "Toys, Props and Clothes".
As the name implies in order to qualify for this promotion you need to send us a photograph of your pet with a toy, or in their favorite bed, or dressed up in their Sunday best. Any object or accessory that you want included in your portrait will work, even an old chewed up shoe. You do need to send a photo of the prop even if the pet is not engaged with it. You can even take a fluffy toy and lay it right on your scanner! We will work it in.
The special this month is for an 18 x 24 portrait in this theme and you get free ground shipping and free stretching. See our samples in this post for ideas.
Order On-line by clicking here.

"Jean Clawed" ( prop is the string)
"Bosco" ( prop ...the Elvis Shades)

"Pixel" ( prop is scarf)

The artist choice promos are meant to inspire not only our creativity but also our client's creativity as well. By having a theme to work around it is our hope that you guys will get creative with your photography and have a fun time shooting for your project. Remember ... the very best portraits start life from very good photographs.

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