Monday, March 10, 2008

Stock Photography & Politics

Here I go again ... straying way off-topic.
I have been purchasing stock photography to dress up my blog and website for awhile now. A few posts ago you saw a Chihuahua sitting atop a laptop, that was from As a small business woman on a budget I love stock photography.

I just read a funny news story about the kid in a recent Clinton ad that is now 18 and an Obama supporter. Yep, she was just 8 when the film footage was shot, and now at 18 she finds her younger self being used to fear monger a few votes ... or at least that is how she sees it. I guess the lesson to be learned is you might think twice before letting your kids model or act for stock film agencies. Oh and if you are a business woman with the money to hire your own actors, you might want to do that.

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