Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bear The Golden Retriever

This is Bear. Bear is a big happy Golden Retriever and I got to meet his Mom. Bear likes to wear costumes and clothes. I really love it when big dogs get to wear clothes. You know this pup probably gets to sleep in bed with his humans.

Over the years of working with pets and their people I have noticed some trends and some things that I really like about people and their pets.
So Here is my Top 10 Favorites List:

#1 People that Spay & Neuter.
#2 Dogs in clothes
#3 Big tough men that melt when it comes to their dogs
#4 Multi pet households
#5 People with kids that still treat their pets like kids
#6 People that allow sassy cats to rule their roost
#7 People that rescue animals and stop for strays
#8 People that never even think twice when they find themselves spending more on vet bills than their automobiles
#9 People with funny stories about their animals. You know, the sort of stories that are woven like a rich layered mythology into their lives.
#10 Animals that like the camera and people that are good at using their cameras.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Great post Rebecca!
I always love seeing your work and hearing about what you like.
:) Melissa

Abby Creek Art said...

Bear is a beauty...and your top ten rocks! I particularly like #3 and #8. Add another "man" one...big strappy men who have teeny tiny little dogs they adore.:)

cconz said...

i totally agree with your top ten list, #5 and #1. i love your photos of pets i've seen them on flickr. keep it up. you have found your calling