Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks Blogger, Jamie and Melissa

If you are reading this on Friday morning ( crossing fingers) it is because I just discovered a new Beta Blogger feature, thanks to Jamie of Cowbelly, and Melissa of Pug Notes. In other words I heard it from a friend that heard from a friend and so on.

Blogger is going to allow us to schedule our posts in the future if all goes well. So hmmm what to post on Thursday night to test this out .... I know it sorta takes all the magic out right?

I am going to post Ralph & Bailey because I have to get these two adorable guys finalized today. They have been in-house way too long. I have more paint strokes to add and backgrounds to try out. They are in progress. Right now they are still too photographic looking, I need to do some more work.

" Ralph & Bailey"

1 comment:

cowbelly said...

Yay it worked!!
Now you can take vacations. :-)

Just don't forget to hit the publish button to schedule the post, heh heh.