Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scottie Sketches

This morning I spent about 45 minutes playing around with one of my own photos of my boy Ajax. I did some loose line work and tried several different things for a variety of effects. I sort of like the black & white cross hatch. I am posting my wacom sketches here.
They are in the order of the last one first ... click images to see larger versions.

Below: I took my sketch and created a black & white image, used cross hatch filter, then added more line-work. This is my fave.

Below: You can't really see until you click for detail, but this image has a half-tone dot pattern applied.

Below: Loose line work and one photo layer had the filter "cut-out" applied at a low opacity.

Below: Original photo of Ajax .... my pookie

1 comment:

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Rebecca!
Ajax is so cute! I do not think I have seen a close up of him before. I love The paintings you created of him! It makes me happy that they are for you!
Have a wonderful weeeknd!