Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vintage Dog and Pet Photos

Handsome Scottish Terrier at 1930's dog show / found at Flickr

Cool vintage Doxie / found at Flickr
Vintage Dog and Child / Found at Flickr

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I have a bit of a Flickr Fetish. On weekends I often like to post my favorite finds. Last week I stumbled a really cool collection of photos that were not specific to Flickr or to animals really. Check out the Young Me- NowMe Gallery over at Color Wars.
You will find some vintage personal pics from folks and their modern day recreation of that pose or shot. The girl below is just one example.

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Sheila Finkelstein said...

Neat shots, Rebecca. I would think you might want one of Sam's Black and White photos as part of this collection - not quite vintage, and about 20 years ago - - Mazel at the Door - More photos can be found on - Sam's Black and White Photography, one of the first pages, as you know, you set up for us many years ago.