Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bruce Metcalf

The other day I was stumbling around Flickr, which lead me into some blog browsing, which lead me to Bruce Metcalf. His name sounded familiar and then once I clicked through to his blog my entire college history came flooding back to me. Seeing his work reminded me of my younger days as a jewelry and metalworking student. He is the sort of artist we would admire in American Craft Magazine. Metcalf is a legend in fine crafts. He has one of those blogs where content rules and frequency is not a concern. What you will find on his blog are a few very well written posts. I really enjoyed the post titled " Craft Identity in Craft Education".

Reading his blog I found myself longing for my college days when I spent so much more time in my head. In our 20's we burned the candle at both ends and while we worked hard in the studio there was always time for thinking, more thinking and discussion.

Below is a great video interview the folks over at Etsy did with Mr. Metcalf.


Manon Doyle said...

WOW! His work is truly magnificent! I'm in awe of such a talent!

Rebecca said...

Yep I agree! In school we studied and were exposed to all kinds of amazing talented people like this. They make you want to slow down, focus and be the very best you can be at everything you are doing. I find I can often be in too big a hurry to finish something. Of course that goes hand in hand with commercial art at times, clients are always in a hurry. Anyway ...glad you liked this post.