Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Do We Love Bulldogs So Much?

"Jackson" ( See All Proofs)

So why do we all love Bulldogs so much? We get a lot of attention when we walk our 3 Scotties, and yet I can only imagine the attention Bulldog owners are given on their daily outings. Is it their wonderful rolling walk or their smushed faces or is it something else? Did you know that George Clooney, Vincent Price and Tennessee Williams have all owned Bulldogs?

This handsome fellow is Jackson and he is part of a large 3-dog project. He lives with some stunning Huskies. I hope to have their artwork finalized by the end of the week.

Jackson's Dad liked the bottom sample above. I did a quick mock-up of the artwork in his home along with the other 2 portraits that are still being fine-tuned. When my client visited the studio we found an image of his new couch that had not yet been delivered and mocked it up into his living room. Now I have a pretty accurate sketch of how his artwork may look at home. It is not 100% to scale. The wall is also a lighter tan in real life, although he said he may be painting. These works will be on heavy duty stretcher bars. The huskies will be 24 x 36 while the Bulldog is 34 x 36. We do offer custom sizes and upgraded deep bars on request.


Manon Doyle said...

Jackson looks like a real sweetheart! Your portrait of him is marvelous! I agree with you on the fact that most people love bulldogs! So many things about them are cute and awkward! You just want to grab their big heads and give them a huge kiss!!


I'm currently painting a bulldog, and when I got the commission I literally did a happy dance because I've always wanted to paint one. I can't quite articulate why I love them, but I do, just like everyone else. Jackson's portrait is fabulous! I love the angle of his head.

Rebecca said...

Hi Manon & Christine- thanks for stopping by. Christine, enjoy your Bully commission, I'll be sure and check in with your blog later this month to see how he turns out.

Anonymous said...

I just love these dogs!! What a beautiful display of art; very eye catching. The owner must be real proud of this unique trio. I bet it is interesting. You can see their personalities shining through. Great job!!!