Friday, August 07, 2009

Busted For A Dismissive Attitude

Today I received a pretty spot on comment that nailed me for being dismissive towards beginner artists and I realize once again that you have to choose your words carefully in life or you may end up looking like a butt, or you may show your butt when in fact you are actually just trying to be generous.

The post in question was actually a post that was supporting another portrait artist and yet one reader zeroed in on a rather snobby attitude that came out on my part regarding beginner artists that e-mail random requests for support and promotional help. In reality I do spend a lot of time writing for and encouraging new artists. I have a tips section on my blog and I create photoshop tutorials to help people along. What I don't do and do not have time to do is respond personally to every single random e-mail that requests a link exchange, or a blog feature. I just don't have enough hours in the day to do this and so yea, I often roll my eyes and I do get impatient with people. I'm human.

So this next week I want to offer up advice to any beginning or seasoned artist that may want information on how to get their blog, site, or artwork talked about by other artists. There are very effective ways to do this and there are clumsy spammy ways to do this. The artist I featured last week had someone within their team send a very professional e-mail to me. They spoke to me with some flattery and yet more as though we were already peers and I was happy to support them.

So, tomorrow, from the road I will post on blog etiquette among artists.
I'm stuck in a car for 15 hours so this is a great time to talk about some stuff I have been wanting to touch on for some time now.


Shari said...

That's great! Would love to get your input. I think something beginner artists need to learn is that at some point in their careers (if that is the way they are wanting to go) they will be offended. It's best to just let it roll off and focus on what you can actually gain from someone's knowledge. It's a much smoother ride that way. Love your work! And keep on being human.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Shari, looking for a smoother ride these days myself! Love your blog name ..."Dash Board Hula". I am staring at an actual dashboard as we skip across the country so I will be sure and spend some play time later tonight over on your blog. Road trips are great time to blog surf.

Lauren said...

Thank you - respect dutifully reinstated. :) Spoken like a true artist. I figured you weren't that type of person as you are right, you do post a lot of informative tips for both new & old artists. But as a beginning artist of sorts (being in school still) that comment leaped out at me and poked me in the eye! It's not that I am afraid of people criticizing my art, lord knows I plenty of that in school hahah. BUT, getting shrugged off as a beginner before anyone has even seen what I can do is bothersome - I know you didn't mean it in that way, but it's a bit of a sore spot for college students trying to make their way so like I said, it kind of jumped out at me.

Anyway, this is getting lengthy, but I just wanted to thank you for clearing that up. You are so right, it's very easy to be misinterpreted on the internet, which is why I brought it up - most of the time we don't even notice, until someone (harhar) takes it totally out of context.

Now here is my weak spot - scary internet people. I am attaching my link now. I didn't before because although I was not trying to be offensive in the least, I rarely post blog comments that are not compliments - so I was slightly terrified that a rabid reader or two might have it out for me. I know I know, silly. See, I have things to work on too. I'm scared of the internets.

Keep up the great work. As a huge animal lover (especially the pooches) and a fellow artist (AND a digital painting fan) I wasn't lying when I said I enjoy your work. Beautiful colors and I just love the incredibly lively marks. Someday I will have to get one of my pup done, when I'm not so broke. ;)

cbmosaics said...

Rebecca, I am so impressed by you, I can't even put into words. :-)