Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tyson At Home!

"Tyson At Home"
My most recent 54 x 34 inch portrait client just sent me a photograph of her work hanging in the home. Her house looks much like the lovely stock photos we sometimes use for promotional images. I am impressed that there is the perfect amount of wall space on the sides of the piece. In our tiny 1940's bungalow this piece looked so massive while in this modern and spacious home it looks like just the perfect fit. Thanks to Tyson's Mom for sending this on over .... I love having authentic in home shots!

For more home decorating ideas check out the recent video that Lola helped me put together, well ok Lola actually put it together, but I showed her how and I culled the images. In this video we try to show that Art Paw Pet portraits can work in any room and on any wall.

Dog and Cat Art Portfolio from Rebecca Collins on Vimeo.


Jill Beninato said...

Wow, this is a real testament to you and how wonderful your work is...Seeing the work in the clients home really showcases it in a whole new way...Your paintings look great on the blog, but hanging on the wall in a beautiful home, they look AMAZING!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for dropping by Jill. Hey your user name takes us to your older blog, what is up with that girl?


That was really well done. Bravo! The portraits all look perfect in the interiors. And the close-ups showcased your work very well.