Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shih-Tzu Art Portraits

"Siopao and CoCo" (see all proofs)

Today I am going to post a few old Shih Tzu portraits for Benny "The Tank". Last week he commented that he is surprised he has not seen many Shih Tzus on the blog. We actually rank really high on our site for that keyword however it is not a breed that we get a lot of orders on each year. I had a Shih Tzu growing up. His name was Leechie. He was the sweetest boy.
Some of the images below are close crops so you have to click through to see the old proofing pages.


Mare said...

My Goodness your paintings are beautiful!

Benny "THE TANK" said...

The paintings are spectacular! You really did capture the true traits of Gogi, and Bitsy is adorable. Thanks for providing the proofs for me to look at.

Benny "The Tank"