Monday, April 18, 2011

Mosaic Monday ? ATC Flower Swap

I have been really busy with work and falling down on my duties as an organizer for the ATC mosaic card trades I started last year. The next swap's theme is flowers or the color green and the  deadline is May 21st. I have not started on my cards yet however I am planning to have 3 cards finished for the off-line Dallas swap and 2 cards finished for on-line trading.The good news is that the trade has taken on a life of it's own and I am not 100% necessary any longer to keep the momentum going.

The card above is by my classmate Kelly Railsback. I love how subtle and sophisticated the colors are on this card.... it is like a whisper ... tone on tone. Kelly is a very talented mosaic artist that I met in the Tuesday night mosaic class at the Creative Arts Center in Dallas.  She usually sat to my left and Tricia sat to my right. Stacy was at the end on our side of the room and she is the hippy chick  that mixes a tasty martini. I have been taking class on Thursday recently and meeting some more great mosaic artists that may join in on the next swap. I really miss all of my Tuesday night pals and may try to get back to class next session on that evening.  When you take class with a group of people for more than a year it is easy to start feeling like part of a clique and that is one thing I love about our off-line card swaps, there is a lot of potential to break up that "clique" mentality and bring in more people, mixing things up with new talent, new faces and new personalities.

So last week I created  a few filers and invites to post at school....

 My goal this weekend is to start on some new cards and update the blog I created for this swap:
Wow, my last post over there was Jan 14th .... yipes! I had better get on it!
Oh, and I will be active on Flickr trying to see who may want to trade on-line with me in May ... hoping they will still remember my name there, I have really been off the radar lately with all my mosaic communities.

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