Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bad modem, Dead squirrel, And more

Ok so this is my art-business blog , and I rarely use it for personal crabbing. With that said .... oh what a day. For the past 36 hours we have been having spotty internet connections and after 3 tech support calls we decide to try a new modem. Well that took 3 visits to 3 different stores and we are now connected again ... man, I had no idea how helpless I feel without the internet. We had a few other tech related issues that sprang from the original problem, but I am back to full work mode finally.

So while Dan was re-configuring the large format printer this afternoon and I was chit chatting with a friend in the front room Ajax comes pacing through the house with one of his fluffy toys hanging out of his mouth. On closer inspection I realized it was not a toy after all but a dead squirrel. I scream to the top of my lungs "Dan it is your turn", (I had dealt with one of Pixel's victims last week). So yea, it has been quite a day.

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