Saturday, October 21, 2006

Keyword Blog

Ok, so here is my Saturday tip of the day ... keyword "blog". What the heck am I talking about? While browsing the web this morning in search of something informative to share, I discovered a new way to play. I was wanting photoshop tutorials so I tried googling "photoshop blog", or "photoshop tutorial blog". I found a few cool blogs and decided to try the word "blog" with more subjects. The phrase "design blog" yielded some very fun results.

It just really dawned on me today what some of you guys may already know and that is that there is a blog on virtually any subject you can think of. While the web becomes more and more saturated with e-commerce every day, the use of the word "blog" attached to any search query helps to yield original content that stands apart from commercial offerings. All blogs are not created equal, and the process may lead ya down some dark and scary blind alleys, but what a fun way to surf.

So here are a few of my new favorite finds...
Keyword "Design Blog":

Keyword "Artist Inspiration Blog":

Keyword " Monkey Art Blog" (hell,why not?):
Artnewsblog (very nice)
Jinx the Monkey

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