Monday, October 23, 2006

Heron Bird Art

This painterly bird project was started by Teryn. I later went in and added a few extra paint strokes and played around with colors a little. I am trying to teach all of our artists how to use the wacom tablet to create subtle painterly effects. We have all been playing around a bit this year with stock animal photos.

I am still currently the only one here that is working on our painterly style pet portrait commissions. The tricky thing with this style of artwork is that while you can teach the use of the wacom tablet, it is much like real painting and every hand will yield a different and quite unique style of artwork. Here at Art Paw we have a strong focus on education and the sharpening of skills. I think this combined with the hiring of talented artists keeps us ahead of the pack in creativity and originality. It also serves to separate us from the more tech-oriented types that strive only to provide a fast digital service versus original fine art.

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