Monday, July 28, 2008

Gustav Klimt Site

I will get back to dog art soon this week, and I have another give-away in the works for mid-week. Today however I really want to share a great site I discovered late last night on Gustav Klimt. It is a really stunning site that uses Flash. I usually hate Flash-heavy sites, but this one is so yummy and well done. Go check out, you will not be sorry.

In googling Klimt and his cat I also found a rather charming little book over at Amazon for kids called Klimt and His Cat.


euthymic said...

for the first time -- a photo where the person is more interesting than the cat. hahaha! very nice:)

Rebecca said...

ha, great comment.

Steph said...

Klimt is my favorite artist and that book is fabulous! I read it to my kindergartens this year when we studied him.

thanks for the link

Moira said...

Great find. I am a big fan!