Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Dog Art

I guess I had better post some new doggy art. I did work one day last week while on vacation. I started on 2 portraits, Betty & Beebee. Yesterday I finalized these sweet girls.

"Betty The Boston Terrier" ( above)
See all 6 proofs

About The Art: Strike a pose Betty! The original photo for this little Boston was just perfect ... the folded paws made this little girl look so dainty. I slightly rotated her head a tad and I removed the grey invisible fence collar.

"BeeBee The Yorkie" ( above)
See all six proofs

About The Art: Bee Bee's original photo was a bit low in resolution. I created a variety of looks for this little Yorkie. The first sample here of BeeBee is my boldest offering. I have a strong sense that BeeBee's human is going to be opting for a more tame version.


Viqi French said...

What precious work you do! This one has a face you just have to love. ;-)

Glad I found you on BC in the Flickr group. ;-)

If interested, feel free to grab my free photo sales ebook --

Keep snapping!

euthymic said...

i love your dog paintings, it's like you understand what's inside the dog's mind when you paint them outside. did i say that right?

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Your dog painting are very unique. Are they done in oil? Very fun!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Euthymic ... yes I think you said that right , anyway I like to think I can get into their hearts & brains a wee bit.

Peggi- My work is digital created by hand with an electronic tablet and drawing stylus.