Thursday, January 08, 2009

Eleanor Roosevelt & Francis

I don't think I have posted these two kitties yet. I actually did 2 different proofing sets for these guys because I sort of messed up and did the painterly style when the client really wanted the Warhol look. I will try to track this client down today as his project is still pending approval.


Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Wonderful artwork, I absolutely love everything that you are doing! Your use of colors realy remind me of chagall mixed with Van Gogh. Just a suggestion, I have a lot of artist friends and they are all using twitter, it is a great way to reach a large amount of people about your work. just a thought.
Your work is just in a word stunning!
keep it up

Rebecca said...

Coryelle -
Thanks for stopping by and for the praise. I do twitter on occasion. I should add my twitter feed to the blog again. My twitter handle is "artpaw", please follow me.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Love to and mine is coryellekramer please feel free to do the same