Monday, January 12, 2009

Image Software Review

Last week I downloaded a trial version of Genuine Fractals. This Photoshop Plug-in is supposed to allow you to resize small images ( like the low resolution postage stamps many of my clients submit) without the interpolation and jagged halos that usually result. I was not all that impressed with the outcome on the images I tried. With that said, I may still purchase the software for another feature it offers. The program will easily create gallery borders on your artwork. If you have ever sat and tried to rubber-stamp in the extra 2 inches of color around a piece to set it up for printing you will love how easily this program grabs pixels from the outer edge of you piece and fills in that gallery wrap edge. You can download a trial version and play with it if you are curious about it.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

Great reveiw Rebecca!
I love how you found a feature in it that is helpful even if it is not the main one you were looking for!
thanks for sharing!
:) melissa

Susan Donley said...

I was just looking at Genuine Fractals for the same reason -- enlarging tiny reference photos. Sorry it didn't work for you. I would find it too pricy for a plug-in solely to create gallery-wrap edges, given my style of solid backgrounds, but can see how tedious that would be for others.

I use a similar Photoshop plug-in, Extensis pxl SmartScale. It does better than Photoshop's bicubic scaling, but it is still not the magic tool we all wish we had that all the crime shows on TV show.

Don't you just want to grab the remote and through it at the screen when CSI, Numb3rs or some such show "enhance" grainy surveillance photos and come up with these beautiful hi-rez 8x10 glossies? Don't we wish?!!! ;-D


Rebecca said...

Hi Melissa- thanks for stopping by!

Susan, lol ... yep I refer to CSI in an earlier post from 07. My husband and I call it the "dooot dooot doot" button, ( high pitched sound effect here on the doooots). When I 1st started Art Paw some of my clients thought I had a magic "dooot dooot dooot" button on my keyboard. My blog has been a great way to explain digital art more and expel the myth of quick-magic.

Leigh said...

wish we all had the ability to enlarge the tiny reference photos people send us !

Jill Beninato said...

THanks for letting me know that Genuine Fractals has this gallery edge feature...I have the software and never even noticed that...Duh!